Year Year Events
1854*   Birth of Gurudevan at Chempazhanthy, Vayalvaram Trivandrum
1855*   August 28 1855 at 6-15 a.m Guru born at Chempazhanthy, Vayalvaram House
1856*   Guru's birth at Chempazhanthy, Vayalvaram House Trivandrum
    *(Argument in the year of Gurudeva's birth year, biographers written different years )
1860 1871 Joined Kudipallikudan under Mootha Pillai, Kannankara family
1871 1877 Gurudevan after prilimainary education came back to home and studied Ayurveda from his uncle Krishnan Vaidyar and help parents in farming and Agricultual activities.
1877 1879 Higher education Gurudevan joined Kummampalli Rama Pillai, Great scholar in Sanskrit.
1879   Came back to Chempazhanthi because of badly affected Ulcer
1881 1882 Started Kudipallikudam in Anchuthengu and and Kadakkavur near Meeramkadavu
1881 1882 In these period people called Nanoo as Nanoo Asan
1882   Gurudeva's marriage with Kaliamma, Madanasan's niece daughter
1882 1884 After marriage Gurudevan wandering and visiting holly places and temples in India like avadoota, and tapased in maruthamala and Aruvippuram
1884   Death of Father - Madanasan
1884 1887 Left the home. Chattambi Swami introduced Nanu Asan to Thaikkattu Ayyavu Swami and learned Yoga from him. Spent time in Meditation and travel
1887   Stay at the banks of River Aruvippuram (Near Neyyattinkara) Penance in a cave there. Composition of many poems incorporating Mythology and Advaita Vedanta.
1887   First Sanyasa disciple - Sivalinga swamikal. 
1888 Feb Consecration of a Sivalinga at Aruvippuram
1888 1895 Consecration of eight temples (and many Schools)
1889   Gurudevan came back to Chempazhanthy
1889   Guru - Consecration of Mannanthala Devi Temple. 
1891   Great Poet Kumaran Asan meet Guru and became his disciple
1893   Conditioning of Aruvippuram Temple affairs
1893   Guru - Consecration of Shiva temple at Kolathukara 
1894   Inducted Kumaran Asan into ashram and sent him to Dr. Palpu in Bangalore for further studies
1895   Guru's journey to Bangalore accompanied by Kumaranasan
1895   Establishes a mutt and temple at Muttakkadu near Kovalam.
1896   Visit Palai, Thiruchetoor, Cochin and Kuttalam.
1897   Wrote Atmopadesa satakam, One Hundred Verses of Self Instruction, an original Vedanta text, at Aruvippuram. An illustrious poem on philosophy.
1898   Formation of Aruvippuram Temple Committee known as Vavoottu Yogam
1899   Installation of Subramanya Idol at Kunnumpara, near Kovalam
1901   Government proclaims Gurudev as a pure religious Teacher and Social Reformer.
1903   The establishment of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam in 15th May 1903
1904   Declaration made by the Government Exempting Gurudev from attending all courts. High-level conference for eradicating evil customs and for a Religious Renaissance at Paravoor (near Quilon). Ayyamkali and other leaders got inspiration from Gurudev for Social Reformation at Aruvippuram.
1904   Establishment of Sivagiri Mutt at Varkala. Centre of all Future activities.
1905   Started an evening school, at Vettoor near Varkala, for Scheduled Castes
1905   Organization of All India Agricultural Exhibition, first time in India incorporated with SNDP Yogam 2nd anniversary.
1907   C. Krishnan and Kallingal Rarichan Mooppan and C. Krishnan invited Guru to Malabar and Guru went to Malabar
1907   Visit Bangalore along with  his disciple Dr. P. Palpu.
1908   Installation of Sree Jagannatha Temple prathishta (idol) at Thalaserry
1908   Reception by Theosophical Society
1908   Founded Sree Khanteswara Temple, Kozhikod
1908   Guru - Writes  Janani Navaratna Manjari 
1909   Traveled to Mangalore. Founded Kudroli Gokarna natha Temple at the request of Billava community
1910   Consecration of Sreekanteswara Temple, Kozhikode
1911   Founded Sree Sundareswara Temple at Kannur. Stoppage of 'Kettu Kalyanam' (an unnecessary marriage ceremony) at Karimkulam near Neyyattinkara.
1911   Census Report of Travancore declared Guru as National Saint
1912   Journey Karnataka Consecration to temple at Mangalapuram.
1912   Sanysin disciples Srimat Bodhanandaswamikal along with other sanyasin becomes Govinannda, Swami Hanumangiri, Awamy Krishnananda, Sankarananda and Vidananda.
1912 April Gurudevan consecrated Saraswati temple in Sivagiri, Kerala, known as Sarada Mutt.
1912   Guru writes ‘Daivadasakam’ 
1913   1913 Established Advaita Ashram, Aluva
1914   Establishment of Advaita Ashramam at Alwaye.  Sahodaran Ayyappan becomes disciple of Gurudev.
1914   Karaleeya Nair Society gave a reception at Kottayam
1914 August Guru - Establishment of Advaithsramam at Alwaye-second in India 
1915   Mishrabhoganam/ Intercaste dining.
1916   Wrote 'Mananamala' and 'Municharya Panchakam'.
1916   Commemoration of the 60th Jayanthy anniversary. Composition of Darsanamala in Sanskrit.
1916   Establishing mutt Branches at Kancheepuram, Madras and Tamilnadu.
1916   Went to Madras accepting Justice Sadasiva Iyer's and Justice Krishnan's invitation
1916   Founded Sanskrit School at Adwaita Ashramam, Aluva
1916   Wrote Darsanamala in Sanskrit: reinterpreting Hindu philosophy
1916 8th March Sree Bhavaneeswara Temple in Palluruthy Kochi established
1916   Guru- Meets Ramana Maharshi at Thiruvannamala, Tamil nadu 
1916   60th Birthday celebrations of Guru 
1916   Guru Message -“Inter-caste marriage is not wrong” 
1916   Guru Declaration-important temple is the school. "Enlighted with Education" and the importance of Schools
1917   Stayed at Adwaita Ashramam
1918   Guru's first visit to Ceylon (Sri Lanka) stayed 12 days and visited many places there
1919   First disciple Srimat Sivalingaswamigal attains Samadhi at Chavakad.
1920 May-15 Consecration of Jyoti (Lighted Lamp) Karamukku near Trissur as the idol
1920   Gospel of Guru -liquor is poison, don’t make it, sell it, or drink it. 
1921   Installed a slab at Murukkumpuzha Temple with the words:
1921   Universal declaration of One Caste, One Religion, One God for man and messages for enforcement of prohibition.
    Consecration of lamp as the deity at Murukkumpusha, and installed a slab with the words "Sathyam (Truth), Dharmam (Ethics), Daya (Compassion), Sneham (Love)"
1921   All Kerala Convention of Brotherhood at Aluva.
1922   Universal poet and Philosopher Ravindranath Tagore and C.F. Andrews met Shri Narayana Guru at Sivagiri Mutt.
1922   Nobel Laureate Poet Rabindranath Tagore visited Guru at Sivagiri
1922   Guru - consecration of Murukumpuzha Temple shield With inscriptions - Truth,   Kindness, Peace  
1922   Guru’s gospel - Whatever may be one region man has to be good. 
1923   Establishment of narayana Gurukulam at Nilagiri, Tamilnadu 
1924   The All Religious Confrence at Advaita Ashramam, Alua first in India and second in the world
1924   Foundation of Brahma Vidyalayam, Matha Maha Padasala at Sivagiri for Science of the Absolute.
1924   1924 Unexpected demise of Kumaran Asan in a boat accident (January 16).
1924   Guru visits Sathyagrah is at Vaikom ,for the rights of the Backward Classes to enter Temples
1925   Diwan Watts came to Sivagiri and visited Guru
1925   Gurudev laid the Foundation Stone For Brahma Vidyalaya.
1925   Started Vaikkam Saryagraha, Acharya Vinobha bave meets Gurudev at Sivagiri Mutt.
1925   Gurudevan allowed velour Madhom for the purpose of Vaikam Styagraha.
1925   Mahatma Gandhi, C. Rajagopalchari and E.V. Ramasami Naicker Maha Deva Deshai, Ramdas Gandhi meet Gurudev at Sivagiri Mutt Varkala.
1925 Sep-27 Srimat Bodhananda Swamikal nominated as successor to Gurudev.
1925   Foundation Stone laying of Brahmavidyalaya at Sivagiri (A school for teaching all religions).
1925 Mar-12 Mahatma Gandhi meets Guru at Sivagiri 
1926   Mahatma Gandhi and top leaders stayed at Alwaye Advaita Ashramam conclusion talk Mr. Pit. This is called Gandhi - Pit Agreement.
1926   Samadhi of Arimath Sathyavrutha Swami gal a close disciple of the Guru. Visit to coimabatore, Nilgiris, Kuttalam, Maduarai and Plani.
1926   Second visit to Sri Lanka and Rameswaram.
1926   Establishment of Sivagiri Free Industrial and Agricultral Gurukula – Ist in India. 
1926   Guru’s executes final will
1926   Guru’s Lists Narayana Gurukulam at Nilgiri. 
1926   Gospel of  be strong with organization 
1927   First statue of Guru was unveiled at Thalassery, North Kerala Installed
1927 Jun-14 Guru’s Pranava ((ohm) Prathishra consecration at  Kalavancode Temple, Near Cherthala
1928 Jan-09 The Dharma Sangham rgistered
1928   Participated in special conference of N.D.P. Yogam
1928   Swami Amanda Theertha becomes the last disciple of Gurudev.
1928   Nataraja Guru founded Gurukulam at Ootty Attained Maha Samadhi in September
1928   Registration of Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham 
1928   Guru sends Nataraja Guru for higher studies  to France. 
1928   Guru grants permission for the annual Sivagiri pilgrimage 
1928   Guru falls sick 
1928 20-Sep Guru attained Mahasamadhi at Sivagiri Mutt,Varkala, Malayalam month Kanni 5 at 3 p.m
1933   Beginning of Sivagiri Pilgrimage 
1948   Establishment of S.N. College, Kollam 
1952   Formation of sree narayana Trust 
1956   Sree Narayana Dharmasangham becomes Sree Narayana Dharma Sangham Trust by a court ruling.  
1967   Unveiling of Mahasamadhi Mandir at Sivagiri 
1967   Release of Sree Narayana Guru postal stamp by Govt. of India 
1977   International Sree Narayana year celebration 
1982   Establishment of Gurudharma Pracharana Sabha. 
1983   Sivagiri pilgrimage - Golden jubilee celebration. 
1985   Establishment of Sree Narayana Stupa at Irinjalakuda - the first  
2005   Release of Sree Narayana coin by government of India. 
2009   Establishment of Gurudeva medical collegeat  Chalakka, Near by North peroor, Ernakulam district. 
2009   Release of Sree narayana Guru Stamp by government of Srilanka Govt.